rayeal you are a kind, loving, selfless, awesome person and if she cant see what I see then it's her loss. keep being the hilariously retarded girl I know. everybody loves you<3

so much love! thank you <3 im coming to see you todayy

You are an amazing human being and it breaks my heart to see you so heartbroken. You know I'm always here <3

thank you <3


girls are so hot like I don’t understand

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i hope your okay, i know what its like to lose someone you care about. stay strong <3

Lol thanks.

I don’t understand how somebody could do this to me, lie to me for so long and then drop me like i’m fuckin nothing.

Why would you leave your girlfriend right when she is obviously sad for whatever reason? wow

excuse me? If I had it my way I would be there with her helping her through all of this. This is what she wants, not what I want. I am completely heartbroken right now as I have lost my girlfriend, my best friend, my everything. As horribly hurting as I am it breaks my heart just as much to know that she is also hurting. so shut your crusty mouth and get the fuck off my tumblr and talk to me irl so i can tell you to mind your own fuckin business

The worst thing ever is dreaming that you’re with somebody and hugging them again and then waking up and having to remind yourself it wasn’t real.